Security Tips for Online Dealing
Don't expose yourself to risks
Protect your personal information (Username, PIN, passwords etc) from being stolen by not trading online using computers in public areas such as Internet cafes, libraries and shopping malls.
Never leave your computers/devices (e.g. PDA) unattended while you are using the online dealing service.
Simple actions mean greater protection
Disconnect from the Internet or shut down your PC when it is not in use.
To ensure your online trading session has ended properly, always remember to logout of eTrading site by clicking the "logout" button when you have completed any trading activity.
Even if the appearance of the email and website look genuine, the chances are they will be fake if they request sensitive financial information from you.
When you next login check that your last login information is correct. If you suspect your PIN has been compromised please contact us immediately on (852) 2265 1188.
Always read your account statements and e-Contract Notes as soon as you receive them. If you don't recognise any trading transactions or suspect any irregular activity, please contact us immediately on (852) 2265 1188.
Enjoy the security of online dealing with peace of mind!
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