Security Tips for Online Dealing
Recognise a Trojan Horse!
The Trojan Horse killed Troy and it could also kill your PC! A modern 'Trojan Horse' looks like a normal computer application that tempts you to open it. Actually, this type of horse can seriously damage your PC. Normally, a 'Trojan' has the following characteristics:
It pretends to be a normal email attachment or an application in websites for you to download.
It represents or describes itself to you in another separate application, such as a normal document or picture.
A Spy in your PC!
A spy today does not have to be a person! In the computer world, 'spyware' can lurk in your computer to steal your most important digital assets, such as your credit card information or bank account details, and may even take control of your computer. You normally won't recognize their existence, as the offending software may lie buried deep within your computer.
How to prevent a Trojan Horse or spyware harming your computer?
Install a personal firewall and antivirus software and make sure that you update the latter regularly. A personal firewall can help to protect your computer from internet threats.
Use an anti-spyware program to protect your computer from external monitoring and recording the information you have entered.
Regularly check for updates and security patches for your operating system and browser.
Do not install software or open email attachments from unknown sources. Never click on a hyperlink in any suspicious emails.
Ensure proper physical access controls for your PC to avoid being installed with malicious software (e.g. keystrokes logger) which may log down all the inputs to the online dealing service e.g. your username and PIN.
Do not access the online dealing service from a public PC (e.g. cyber cafes).
Verify the validity of the digital certificate if you have any doubt about the identity of the online dealing website.
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