PIN Protection & Resetting Process
A PIN is the key to your online dealing account
In the same way that you protect and look after your house keys, care must also be taken to protect your PIN (Personal Identification Number) for your eTrading site dealing account.
How should you protect your PIN?
Be suspicious of any email or person who asks you to provide details of your personal account / information. No one at J.P. Morgan will ever ask you for your online password.
Try to memorise your PIN. Do not write down, store or record your PIN in any form.
Ensure that the PIN details cannot be inadvertently disclosed to someone who may be looking over your shoulder when you are entering your PIN. Always remember to logout from your sessions and close the browser when you leave.
Avoid using your date of birth, ID card number, telephone number or any other number that can be easily guessed as your PIN.
Frequently change your PIN. This is important especially if you think someone may have guessed your PIN.
Do not use the same password for different websites.
If you suspect that your PIN has been compromised, change it IMMEDIATELY and contact our Investment Advisers.
NEW PIN resetting feature - More convenience, improved security
eTrading site now offers a new PIN resetting service via email for your convenience. You no longer have to wait for a new PIN to be delivered through the post. And for extra peace of mind and security, you can also activate your new PIN by telephoning our Investment Advisers. This process is quick and secure.

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