The Loyalty Scheme for J.P. Morgan eTrading Clients

What is ePoints?

A Loyalty Discount Scheme for our clients to waive initial charge

Applies to both lump sum and
eScheduler investment
The more ePoints you earn,
the more investment costs you save
Exclusive for J.P. Morgan
eTrading transaction

How to earn ePoints

Earn ePoints by online subscriptions and switching

Earn 1 ePoints for:

  • every 10 HKD subscription to equity or bond fund
  • every 10 HKD switching from money funds (new money*) to equity or bond funds
  • every 20 HKD switching from equity, bond or money funds (old money**) to equity or bond funds

How to spend ePoints

Waive initial charge by spending ePoints

50 ePoints can be used to waive HK$1 initial charge

How to waive the charge?

  • Lump sum orders
    select to use ePoints or not during online order confirmation
  • eScheduler orders
    ePoints employed automatically to waive the initial charge

Points to note when spending ePoints

Initial charge waving illustration >

ePoints Calculator

Enter the ePoints you have to see how much you can buy with initial charge waived:
Enter the Investment Amount to see how many ePoints are required to waive the initial charge:
Buy Fund 1% charge*
Switch Fund 0.5% charge*

Spending ePoints Illustration

Spending ePoints for a lump sum investment

  • Alloted Amount
    5,000 HKD (initial charge 1%)
  • ePoints required to waive the full initial charge:
    2,500 ePoints

Spending ePoints automatically for eScheduler

  • Monthly Contribution:
    1,000 HKD (initial charge 1%)
  • ePoints required to waive the full initial charge:
    500 ePoints